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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme 500g

Having a busy lifestyle as a mom of two boys, I never forget to take care of myself. Today I am sharing with you on this Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme. It's a nutritional multigrain beverage, I like this drink as it's doesn't taste weird and taste delicious.

It is suitable for lactose intolerance individuals, cholesterol free food, trans fat free food.
High in Protein
High in Calcium
High in Vitamin B12
Source of Magnesium
Source of Dietary Fibre

We need to balance our busy lifestyle with healthy eating combined with regular exercise and being socially active aid to add quality years to life. 
Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme offers 7 color ingredients and is fortified with Calcium which helps to develop strong bones and teeth. 
7 colors are as following:
Red- Raspberry (Good for Heart)
Yellow - Yellow Pea (Good for immunity and muscle strength)
Brown - Brown Rice, Cocoa (Good for digestive health)
Black - Black Sesame Seed, Blackberry (Good for memory)
White - Oat (Good for Cholesterol level)
Green - Wheatgrass (Good for bone and teeth health)
Purple - Mangosteen, Blueberry, Elderberry (Good for joint health and anti-aging)

The beverage also recommended for elderly, those who are undergoing physio therapy and rehabilitation, athletes or exercise enthusiasts, and those have joint stiffness and muscle weakness.

 Direction of use:
Just mix 2 scoops with 150- 200ml of cold or lukewarm water.

I'm taking the Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme daily and it keeps me going. I am happy as I get to catch up with my boys, even though they are active. Recently we went to Farm In The City and son was one of the Kids Tour Guide. I'm happy that I have the Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme, it's easy to make the drink. Just pour two scoops in small container and with lukewarm water I can make the drink anywhere anytime to drink even though I am outdoor.

We can choose for healthy living for our health. With Internet access today, you can shop online at 11street for Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme, it can a be great gift ideas for loved ones. If you like to know more about Kinohmitsu products, click the link to find out.


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