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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shogun2u food and beverage

What is your plan of food choice for lunch and dinner today? Why not check out, use this promo code YES40 to enjoy 40% off. The promo code suppose to use up to 15 November 2015.

Some of my friends are lazy to go out dine so they choose online food delivery. The reason I choose for online delivery Shogun2u because I am lazy to drive out. I hate the traffic jam and then I need to find parking for my car. It is not easy especially during lunch hour or dinner hour where I need to round the area for many times to try my luck for parking spot.

How about after office hour? I am sure you are feeling hungry and no time to prepare meal for yourself. No worry as you can prebooked meals in advance, this service is available at Shogun2u.

Shogun2u have variety of food choice namely, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Nyontori. Beverages and desserts to choose from. I want to let you know that I have second time ordering the Shogun2u because I love to eat their food.
I know my sons love to eat cheese tarts so I ordered 2 sets of cheese tart, each set having 8 pieces of cheese tarts.
Chukka Idako also two sets as we loved this also.
Gyoza eight pieces 
Ojingeo Bokkeum
Tori Katsu Set

I chosen the time delivery address that I want to have my food delivery to me.

 Minimum order - RM25
Estimated delivery time - 1 hour
Free Delivery to your office or home or location you choose for pickup.

With the convenience of pre-booked meals, we can indulge in delectable chef-prepared meals at home or office with affordable prices.

Despite heavy rain, Shogun2u never fail to delivery their food. 
I chosen the payment of cash, which means pay on spot on the food delivery to me.

Tasty food that awaiting us to eat, but of course snap a photo first to show you!

Chukka Idako RM4.80
Gyoza RM14.90 and Toppoki RM24.90
Toppoki is one of the Korean popular snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake, and sweet chili sauces; gochujang (fermented chili paste). Is this spicy food? Yes it is! 

Ojingeo Bokkeum RM18.90
This is my favourite Ojingeo Bokkeum, my second time order the same because I love to eat squids. The squid cut into bite-sized pieces and stir fried in a slightly sweet fermented chili paste along with vegetables. Served together with Japanese steamed rice and Kimchi. The food portion is big and just nice for me to eat. Is this spicy food? Yes it is! Hehe.. though I don't like too spicy food but I loving to eat this so much. 
Shogun2u has many choices of food, you can check online at Nasi Lemak (Japanese style) is one of the people's choice costs RM18.90. It is steamed Japanese rice served with spicy anchovy onion sambal, served with deep fried boneless chicken (tori karaage) and octopus (tako kaarage) and then garnished with hard boiled egg, Japanese cucumber and takuan (Japanese pickles) on the side. 

The price range of the cuisines is as low as RM1.80 up to RM99.80 that comes with combo set suited for whole family to dine. 
Photo credit to Facebook Shogun2u
Good news if you like to try the limited edition Panda Sushi!

To celebrate their RM1 million sets sales in three months, Shogun2u will be releasing a limited sushi set. These set will available for the first 500 packs at Shogun2u, the 500 packs sold out but there are additional of 200 packs for you to order now. If you can't wait to order these yummy food, check out

Don't forget to use the promo code YES40 for 40% off! Let's order food for loved ones now. I like the advance booking as I order the food few hours early. 


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