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Monday, September 9, 2019

4 Reasons to Consider Having Your Baby in a Birth Center

Having a baby is an exciting time. For many women, however, the thought of giving birth in a hospital can be frightening. If having your baby in a Tampa Bay hospital makes you feel scared or anxious, you may be wondering what to do. There are other options available, including a tampa bay birth center. Here are four reasons to consider a birthing center.

Greater Comfort

A hospital setting can be nerve-wracking. Rooms at a birth center are designed to be more relaxing and comforting, which helps you to feel more comfortable. The rooms are more private. You can also create a personalized birth plan, which helps you to have the birth you’ve always dreamed of.

More Opportunities for Bonding

In many hospitals, babies are immediately taken to be examined and cleaned. While some allow for immediate skin-to-skin contact, this is not the case with all. In a birth center, you receive your baby immediately and are given some time to cuddle and breastfeed your baby before an exam is performed.

Support with Breastfeeding

Birth centers encourage breastfeeding right from the start. While some mothers have no issues, many mothers struggle in the beginning, which can lead even the most determined mothers to quit. Birth centers offer support for those who are having trouble, which can help to increase your chances for a successful breastfeeding relationship.

Lower Cost

The average cost of an uncomplicated birth is expensive, especially without insurance. The cost can increase to significantly when you factor in pre and postnatal care. The cost of having a baby in a birth center is typically around half the cost of giving birth in a hospital.
Having a baby doesn’t mean that you have to give birth in a hospital. Consider your options and speak with your obstetrician or midwife to help determine the best option for you.


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