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Friday, October 31, 2014

Movie review: Kungfu Jungle

If you love kungfu/martial arts movie and Donnie Yen, you will like this movie.

In the movie it is all about fighting and movie rated 18 yr above only. Because the fighting is not just about normal fight but also fight to death as one person whats to be the master of the kungfu, he challenges everyone to fight til death. Only the alive will be consider as champion.

The fighting consists of strength of legs, hands, etc. It's interesting movie where you get to know more about the skill of martial arts. 

Donnie Yen was sentence to 5 yrs of jail as he killed someone, he then saw the TV news that his friend died. Result of death of his friend was brutally beaten to death. 

Yeah kung fu can be deadly weapon! Find out how the super bad guy (Wang Baojang) can defeat many people at one time! He's the killer, he aimed those best in martial arts to challenge each of them fight to the death! Even they didn't want to fight him because they no longer participate in martial arts just living normal life, but he insists of fighting them.. 

He gone crazy as he found out his wife is dying due to cancer. :( 

Many actress and actors in the movie, you may find them familiar faces because they were part of oldies kung fu/martial arts movies.

I enjoy watching this movie from start to the end! 
Psst.. Wang Baujang is the one that participated in Running Man too. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Haunt 2014 movie rating

There's now horror movie, The Haunt. I am not sure of the movie rating. I saw the movie rated PG13 on GSC Cinema but 18 above for TGV Cinema. Mmm.. which is the correct rating for this movie?

In this movie something to do with the box in the house. Talking about the box, I recalled of the music box in The Conjuring movie.

Do you have a music box? I still have a music box that I kept since teenager. It's still working, the bottom has a handle to twist, once open the box the little angel can put on the magnetic square box to dance.

Anyway my son has no interest in horror movie, he's into animation movie or super heroes movie.


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