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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Over 50 snacks @Signature Snack

Good afternoon, it's Sunday and haze heavy here so we decided to stay indoor. With Internet access today, I find it convenient to shop online and haze just make me wanna stay home more. 

What can you do being at home beside watching movie and doing house chores, there's always time to do some online shopping with Signature Snack. I find the website user friendly and easy to browse. With over 50 snacks to choose from. Free Delivery to your door step.

Besides using computer, I also used my mobile phone to check out the available snacks.

 I love to eat dried fruits so I have chosen the Berry Treasure. I like to mix them in my cereal too.

 So yummy Granola to choose from, Espresso Almond Granola or Macha Chia Seed Granola.
 This yummy Garlic Bread Cashews is my favourite as I love the garlic flavour, I mixed these into my half boiled eggs to eat.
MAC Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies, this gonna be in my next bucket list I mean shopping list.

Anyone likes the curry flavour, I bet you'll like to try the Thai Green Curry Cashews.

Soft-Baked Lemon Chia Seed Cookie, this is also in my next shopping list.

Fans of Walnut, how about this Walnut Trail Mix? 

I am sure you like to know about the Nutrition Facts of each Signature Snack, you can check out on their website select each snack to view the Nutrition Facts.
I have login the website of Signature Snack and started my ordered.
It's so easy just choose the snacks that you like, total of 5 snacks to add in the bucket lists.
If you have chosen up to 4 snacks but didn't know what is no.5 snack to choose from, you can choose the (Surprise Me) the Surprise Snack!
But because I know which snacks I like to eat and try, I didn't need to use the Surprise Snack button.

After my ordered online, I received an email "Your Signature Snack Box This Month" to inform me of my selected snacks.
5 Signature Snack that I have chose as following
  1. Matcha Chia Seed Granola
  2. Berry Treasure
  3. Low Crab Mix
  4. Go Take A Hike Trail Mix
  5. Garlic Bread Cashews

 There will be another email, to inform that "Your Signature Snack Box On The Way", in the email will consists of the tracking code.

 Look up for my Signature Snack that I have chosen, 5 healthy snacks, natural ingredients & no preservative, freshly baked. Not only healthy for everyone to eat, they also provide Free Delivery and you can choose subscription model available for you to choose from.
5 pouches of Signature Snacks, delivered to me

My son excited and checking out each pack of Signature Snack

Yummy Low Carb Mix from Signature Snack
The Low Carb Mix that consists of Walnut, Almond, Cashew Nut, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower Seed.
Yummy at each bite the Berry Treasure from Signature Snack
Family time, time for Signature Snacks and watched TV
I am loving this healthy snack from Signature Snack, I mixed all 5 packs of snacks into this bowl.
I didn't pour all in as I don't to eat all of it in one time. 
After pouring the snacks, I have resealed the packs.

It's easy to open the Signature Snack, you don't need any scissor to cut it. Each pack top of the pack has a Tear to open (Resealable). 
You don't need to consume the whole pack at one time. 
You can resealed it then open it again to eat.
Each Signature Snack's pouch has an expiry date. You can see at the back of the pouch to see.
The healthy snack I have chosen expired on August 2016. I am not gonna wait that long to open, I love eating healthy snack sharing them with my family members.

Every month, you will receive 5 full-sized pouches of naturally, healthy, delicious snacks!
You can get start with Select Subscription Package with selection of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.
There is no shipping cost because they offer Free Delivery.

Don't just read here, being my blog reader, there will be RM20 OFF for 1st box, 
that means RM39.90 instead of RM59.90 for 5 packs in 1 box,
click this promo link now to enjoy

You can follow the Signature Snack updates on 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Haze irritates my skin

It's Monday but the haze is so bad today that I can feel my skin itchy. Wait there, is more also feeling itchy my hair and back of my body. Uneasy feeling making it just want to say indoor, my eyes also itchy, so we have mask for our eyes?

The photo above taken using my Samsung phone before around 1.40pm. I waited son to finish his class near school. I just couldn't stand the haze, once I step out of home or car I feel it's not right.

Not just that so the haze also makes me want to eat less. Losing my appetite to eat but drink more water.

While having tea time with my friends in nearby restaurant, the man seating behind of me nonstop smoking.

My son told me why haze so bad and people still to smoke?

How about tomorrow? Is it going to worsen?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interstellar movie review

Few days ago, I brought my dear and my son for a movie night. It is Interstellar movie, awesome movie to watch if you like science fiction movie which related to outer space! It's even better if you love the actress Anne Hathaway. Awesome actor Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, that you gonna love to watch from start to the end of movie.

I watched the IMAX at TGV 1 Utama, I won the movie passes from TalkFLIM Facebook. It's an awesome 3 hours movie, the sound effects are good in IMAX.

This movie is PG13, 169 minutes. From this movie, you'll find out how precious time are.

You can see many haze cloud in the movie, frozen ice, outer space, the black hole. There are many talks on gravity and ghost in the movie. Is there a ghost in the little girl room? Cooper is going to leave behind his son and daughter, leaving behind his father-in-law to take care the children for him. How is he going to save the kids or the people from earth?

How Cooper with his team, travel from one planet to another planet? Who is going to survive coming back to earth? Time and gravity is ticking every second, the seconds/minutes/hours/years spend are faster in the outer space. In outer space, you have no oxygen, it's breath taking moment when I saw Cooper left with no oxygen, who's going to help him?! Watch this movie to find out.

Thick haze cloud coming in the town, people getting lesser food to eat, no where to go. How can they survive the thick haze? It's so thick just like thick sands covering up the car/house.

Talking of this movie, a guy next to me puts on heavy colon that I can't breath well in my seat. He puts on too much of colon that he can't even sit still himself, keeps moving forward and backward and talking to his friends.

Thanks to TalkFILM for this awesome movie #Interstellar

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Haze and no water supply

It's so hot here, the haze is very bad, above photo taken yesterday around 5.45pm.
You can see how thick the haze in the air, this morning my dear show me the API of 190 but my son still need to go school because today is last day of exam. One of his classmates didn't go as he has red and big eyes. 

It is second day now and still no water, we have kept some water and using it. My friend told me her house tangki/water tank is empty but lucky her because she bought 1.8 gallon container for keep water. 

Some moms asked me if today got school, I heard the news too. The school closed only in Klang not schools in Subang Jaya. 
My son's schoo bag have mask in bag, and teacher in class also distribute mask for them to use. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Replacement class for the haze three days!

I didn't get the chance to read newspaper yesterday but this morning son's classmate mom told me there is replacement class for haze days that children didn't attend during the haze. The three Saturdays replacement class fall on 1st this Saturday, 2nd 3 Aug, 3rd on 24 August.

I am not sure if second day count as son's school has school during that day!

Anyway hope to get the school notice by today for detail.

This info she saw it on yesterday newspaper!


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