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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) as ROASTERS Eating Day (RED) returns for the 9th year running

Busy parenting also need a break for mommy. I am glad I spend the day at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) to enjoy the meal. This is how I kicked start my New Year 2018.

Kick start the New Year with Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) as ROASTERS Eating Day (RED) returns for the 9th year running – an annual initiative to promote healthy living!

The Malaysia Dodgeball Federation who bagged all gold medals in three categories at the recent Asia Pacific Championships 2017 will also be making an appearance to show their support towards the campaign.

yummy Kenny Rogers Roasters that I have on the day, missing in photo is the muffin which I have ate.

This year, RED will run from 10 to 12 of January 2018 at all KRR restaurants nationwide.
Guests will be able to enjoy the exclusive Red Hot Meal for 2 at only RM 25 and collect KRR’s exclusive Angpow with 2 discount vouchers for KRR’s upcoming Fortune Chicken Meal!

Saturday, December 30, 2017


 It's soon the end of year 2017, I wanna to share with you that you can dine at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ at IOI CITY MALL to enjoy their promotion of buy 1 free 1. Congratulations to Pak John Steamboat & BBQ for it's the second outlet opening, you can find all you can eat restaurant in IOI CITY MALL, as some friends been asking what to eat there. Now you know where to eat as the place is spacious and can fit 150 pax to 200 pax. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

They have 4 types of soups to choose from they are miso soup, chicken soup, tom yam soup and curry soup for steamboat. Steamboat and BBQ is everyone favourite and with 160 choices of dishes to choose from you can enjoy your meal with loved ones. A great place to dine with friends and family and even set up a party or gathering for loved ones.

 Spacious as you can see in the photo, you can also view the video which is taken by me. They have waffle and DIM SUM which are not in the photos here.

Guests enjoying their meal at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ at IOI CITY MALL
Now you know where you can find all you can eat with 160 dishes in a restaurant. Great place to dine, with great companion at side.

 No kidding when I said about the dishes, just look at the photos you will need time to see each and every one of  them. Kids favourite food and sausages, nuggets, fish ball etc, there's also cheese sauce and mayonese sauces available.
 Varieties of seafood to choose from, the steamboat soup is depend on your choices.
 Sauces that you can have to dip your food and enjoy every bite. So many types of sauces to choose from, the butter is at the sauces area too. The butter can be use for BBQ time.
 Varieties of vegetables to choose from, some people prefer to put lots vegetables in their soup.
 Lots of choice on seafood and meat to choose from, there's lamb,
my son putting cheese sauce on his food
 Before we get start, just to share with you a photo of what we have. Yeah taking time to think of what soup we going to have and in the end we chosen chicken soup.
There are cooling desserts to choose from ice kacang and ice creams to choose from, kids choose to have ice cream while adults choose the ice kacang.
yeah Premium beef/lamb slice, Abalone slice and smoke duck to order
these are nice for BBQ and I can't have enough of smoked duck and abalone slice
Pak John Steamboat & BBQ 2nd NEW buffet outlet which is located in #Putrajaya IOI City Mall ( same role with Starbucks & Coffee Bean) is started operating with #PROMOTION BUY 1 FREE 1 at this December. Hurry! More than 160 dishes choices with All U Can Eat!
For any seats reservation, you can give them a call at 012-7050684.  

Now if you have interest to go dine at Pak Joh Steamboat & BBQ at IOI City Mall, or like to know more about them, check out website and the social media at
FB :
IG : 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Good evening to dear readers and friends, how are you doing today? It's a sunny afternoon today then now in evening is dark looks like want to rain but not yet.This month of September, many activities going on and there's Lantern Parade that you don't want to miss out. Yeah it's on 30 September 2017, at Klang Parade. That's not all, friends and family members that love food can visit Klang Parade.
Jom Makan at Klang Parade starts from 16 September to 15 October 2017. My niece and her friends are planning to go Klang to eat, she loves to go shopping first and then go dining with friends. That's lots of food choice at Klang Parade, Next Food Junction has variety of food to choose from. By the way, there's contest and lucky draw at Klang Parade special for this JOM MAKAN @KLANG PARADE.

I like to go the Next Food Junction as there's many choices of food and everyone of us can order our favourite meal.
Yeah as always what a food blogger would do, take photos of the food before eat. My sisters love to eat spicy food so they order the curry laksa, while my dear likes to eat rice, so he ordered what he likes to eat.

There's food for everyone, my dad likes to drink soup and one of his favourite soup is the sup tulang.
My friends told me she loves to dine at Texas Chicken, no worry there's Texas Chicken at Klang Parade. My family too like to dine at Texas Chicken, I like the original flavor but my sister-in-law likes their spicy flavor. How about you? My kids love to eat the original fried chicken of Texas Chicken.

Let's mark the calendar for the Lantern Parade on 30 September at 7pm. Parents and children will be happy to attend as I know it's once a year and it's good to give kids nice experience at the lantern parade. This annual tradition will be complete with workshops and performances, children participating in the Lantern Parade will get a FREE lantern, let's make this date a good family together.
When comes to food, I know my friends would go far to dine. Some friends are staying at Kuala Lumpur but they would travel all the way to Klang to dine.

It's nice to go Klang and hang out with friends at Klang Parade, not just for our favorite meals but also to enjoy each company. My relatives and friends too staying at Klang, they like to go Klang Parade during the weekends.

Not just great food but great company dining at the Klang Parade. This is the Pat Kin Pat Sun outlet.

I know with so many food pictures on this post, it's making you hungry too. Now you know where to dine and sharing is caring. We can ordered the food and sharing with friends or families to eat, enjoy each other company at the same time. After a heavy meal it's time to go home, but I also like to share what you can redeem if you dine at the F&B outlets of Klang Parade.
Good news to food lover and contests lover, check out the following:
(a) minimum spend of RM30 (over a maximum of 2 receipts) at any F&B tenant of Klang Parade are eligible to redeem one (1) unit of Micro Thermo.
(b) RM80 and above (over a maximum of 2 receipts at any F&B tenant of Klang Parade are eligible to redeem one (1) unit of Micro Thermo and one (1) lucky draw.

Check out the Lucky Draw Prizes:

Grand Prize x 1
Electromagnetic Foot Massager worth RM1,999.

Second Prize x1
OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus
-XD Tech Massage Cushion worth RM1,198.

Consolation Prizes x 10
SSF cash vouchers worth RM50 each

It's to time jom makan at Klang Parade, lets go with friends and family members. You never know you might be the lucky winner of the lucky draw! If you win it can be a nice gift for yourself or loved ones. I know shoppers would like to win this foot massager to relax our tired foot, especially when you have a long day at work.

With Internet access today, it's easy for us to check online for updates. You can follow Klang Parade updates on Facebook.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Dining at Sanook Sunway Pyramid Hotel West

Where to find a great place to dine for Thai food and Japanese food? First I like to ask did you know that in Thai, Sanook means fun, lets make it fun and more fun together then with family or friends! Think no more, step into Sanook where you can satisfy for your Thai and Japanese craving altogether.

Sanook is where you can dine for Thai and Japanese cuisine. If you like Thai and Japanese and love spicy food, do check out Sanook. No worry that you going to get lost getting there, you can ask the concierge. 

Sanook Punch, fruit punch RM15.90

Thai Milky Ice Tea RM10.90

On the left is Thai Pandan Honey RM10.90, right is Thai Lemongrass Honey RM10.90
Sanook Salad RM30
Yummylicious salad Japanese cucumber wrapped salmon, Avocado and Baked Apple. A healthy appetizer for a good start.
Thai Coconut Soup RM16.90
I love the creamy Thai coconut soup that comes with bit of spicy. First time trying out the soup that used Thai coconut milk, the soup also has chicken wanton.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab w Thai Mango Chili Sauce RM33.90
Give a try on this Sushi Burger, the burger made of Sushi Rice and sandwiched the crispy soft shell crab. The side sauces are Thai Chili Mango and Wasabi Sauce. Surprisingly the Wasabi Sauce has blended with mayonese so it is not too strong. This is good for those that didn't like strong Wasabi taste.
Chicken w Massaman Sauce RM33

Salmon Belly w Lime Chili Sauce RM39.90

 Dining at Sanook, you wouldn't want to miss out trying the Skewered. Eat and dine with friends or family members to try what's on the menu of Sanook. The meals we have here are just here for four of us.
Fresh Salmon w Spicy Miso Cream Sauce RM28.90
I like the Fresh Salmon w Spicy Miso Cream Sauce just nice to eat and if I am having lunch alone I don't mind just ordering this or Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach and Mixed Served Teriyaki Sauce.
Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach and Mixed Served Teriyaki Sauce RM29
I like the Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach and Mixed Served Teriyaki Sauce so yummy at each bite. You can choose to match this with a bowl of rice if you prefer having rice during your meal.

The Tom Yam Soup w River Prawn has medium spicy that I can still bear with.
Tom Yam Soup w River Prawn RM24
Thai Volcano RM16.90

Having the Thai Volcano alone would be too much, you can share this with two to three friends.
It consists of Thai Milk Tea, bread, black pearl, good time to have a good chilled under the hot weather of Malaysia.
Delicious meal at Sanook
Now you know where to dine the Thai-Japanese cuisine. They have indoor and outdoor seating area. Sanook Thai-Japanese Restaurant. It is located at Sunway Pyramid West Hotel, Lot 4 Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid West Hotel, Jalan PJS11/ 15 Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-5660 5196.

Follow their updates on

Friday, October 7, 2016

Sushi King celebrates 21 years by giving back to Malaysians

 It' was a beautiful Wednesday morning that I have take time off to attend the event of Sushi King celebrates 21 years by giving back to Malaysians. Sushi King, Malaysia's largest Japanese chain restaurant celebrated its 21 years in Malaysia by giving back to Malaysians in a uniquely Malaysian event. The event was held at Skating Rink, Sunway Pyramid. Thank you Sushi King for inviting me.

On the day, the Japanese-Malaysian ties were further highlighted with a unique Fusion Cultural Drums performance by Malaysian Drum Symphony featuring kompang and Japanese taiko drums. Check out the youtube above.
Speech by by Tan Sri Dato' Seri Fumihiko Konishi, Founder and Executive Chairman of Texchem Resources Berhad, which owns Sushi King
 "The success of Sushi King over 21 years has been enabled by the special mixing of Japanese and Malaysian culture. Sushi King's ability to adapt Japanese food to Malaysian tastes has allowed us to be widely accepted, reaching 105 outlets with a presence in almost every state in Malaysia. We are proud and honoured to be recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest sushi chain restaurant in Malaysia, we have been able to hold on to this record since 2000. Thus, we want to share our happiness and blessings by giving to the less fortunate and also celebrating our love for Japanese food. Making the 70-foot long maki roll with so many hands involved was a meaningful gesture for us, and was doubly meaningful as we could then share food with all the people around us," said Tan Sri Konishi.

Halal Certification
He added that the Sushi King chain is on track to achieve Halal certification, following application in March earlier this year. Currently, approximately 90% of the outlets have been certified Halal and some new outlets are in process of certification."At Sushi King, we have always used only ingredients from Halal-certified suppliers as our brand focuses on providing fresh, good, healthy, safe and high quality food and services to Malaysians. With this Halal certification, our loyal and supportive Muslim customers can continue to enjoy our food without any worry or hesitation. Now, we are not just the largest sushi chain restaurant in Malaysia. We can also be the largest Halal sushi chain restaurant in Malaysia, or even in the world," he said.

 The celebration with Sushi King making a special contribution of RM21,000 to children's home Pertubuhan Rohoma Darul Fakir Malaysia to help support the 55 orphans residing in the home. The donation was handed over by Tan Sri Dato' Seri Fumihiko Konishi, Founder and Executive Chairman of Texchem Resources Berhad, which owns Sushi King, to Dato' Faridah Omar Shah, the founder and Chairman of Pertubuhan Rohama Darul Fakir Malaysia.

from left Tan Sri Dato' Seri Fumihiko Konishi, President & Group CEO of Texchem Resources Berhad, Akihiko Hijioka, President & COO of Texchem Restaurant System, and glue-painter Meteour.

 An interesting glue-painting performance by Meteour, click on the video above to watch. I have also upload photos on my Facebook, you can click on album, and my Facebook fan page album click on the link to view it.
 The celebration also featured the creation of a 70-foot maki roll by a team of Sushi King chefs, led by Head Chef Takeshi Torita. Joining in the rolling process was Tan Sri Konishi, Akihiko Hijioka, President & COO of Texchem Restaurant System, 30 personnel from Texchem Restaurant System, local personalities Izzue Islam, Kamal Adli, Sazzy Falak, Cha Cha Maembong, Elizabeth Tan and Ammar Titan, Dato' Faridah and a team of give personnel and 20 children from the home, and representatives from the Islamic Development Department (JAKIM).

 Sushi King Express offers single price dining option, to expand into their smaller towns.

Sushi King also grew the brand family this year, with the introduction of the Sushi King Express concept. Sushi King Express had a 'simple one price concept' dining concept offering quick and easy Japanese cuisine at affordable prices, without any service charge. The streamlined operations focus on the conveyor belt, allowing Sushi King Express to focus its efforts on delivering quality Japanese food at 3 distinct prices - RM3 for all sushi items and drinks from the fun beverage line-up, RM8 for a la carte items and RM13 for bento meals. Following the opening of the first outlet in Prima Sri Gombak in July and USJ Taipan in September, Texchem Restaurant System targets to open six more outlets including business conversion by the end of 2016 - to enable more Malaysian residents to enjoy affordable and great tasting Japanese cuisine.
Dining with Katy blogger at Sushi King, Sunway Pyramid

If you like to dine at Sushi King restaurants, good news to you as Sushi King is focusing its expansion in smaller towns, with new branches in Bentong and Temerloh, and another upcoming branch in Raub to be opened by the end of 2016. The standalone outlets in shop lots offer the same dining experience as mall based-outlets in the cities.


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