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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Good evening to dear readers and friends, how are you doing today? It's a sunny afternoon today then now in evening is dark looks like want to rain but not yet.This month of September, many activities going on and there's Lantern Parade that you don't want to miss out. Yeah it's on 30 September 2017, at Klang Parade. That's not all, friends and family members that love food can visit Klang Parade.
Jom Makan at Klang Parade starts from 16 September to 15 October 2017. My niece and her friends are planning to go Klang to eat, she loves to go shopping first and then go dining with friends. That's lots of food choice at Klang Parade, Next Food Junction has variety of food to choose from. By the way, there's contest and lucky draw at Klang Parade special for this JOM MAKAN @KLANG PARADE.

I like to go the Next Food Junction as there's many choices of food and everyone of us can order our favourite meal.
Yeah as always what a food blogger would do, take photos of the food before eat. My sisters love to eat spicy food so they order the curry laksa, while my dear likes to eat rice, so he ordered what he likes to eat.

There's food for everyone, my dad likes to drink soup and one of his favourite soup is the sup tulang.
My friends told me she loves to dine at Texas Chicken, no worry there's Texas Chicken at Klang Parade. My family too like to dine at Texas Chicken, I like the original flavor but my sister-in-law likes their spicy flavor. How about you? My kids love to eat the original fried chicken of Texas Chicken.

Let's mark the calendar for the Lantern Parade on 30 September at 7pm. Parents and children will be happy to attend as I know it's once a year and it's good to give kids nice experience at the lantern parade. This annual tradition will be complete with workshops and performances, children participating in the Lantern Parade will get a FREE lantern, let's make this date a good family together.
When comes to food, I know my friends would go far to dine. Some friends are staying at Kuala Lumpur but they would travel all the way to Klang to dine.

It's nice to go Klang and hang out with friends at Klang Parade, not just for our favorite meals but also to enjoy each company. My relatives and friends too staying at Klang, they like to go Klang Parade during the weekends.

Not just great food but great company dining at the Klang Parade. This is the Pat Kin Pat Sun outlet.

I know with so many food pictures on this post, it's making you hungry too. Now you know where to dine and sharing is caring. We can ordered the food and sharing with friends or families to eat, enjoy each other company at the same time. After a heavy meal it's time to go home, but I also like to share what you can redeem if you dine at the F&B outlets of Klang Parade.
Good news to food lover and contests lover, check out the following:
(a) minimum spend of RM30 (over a maximum of 2 receipts) at any F&B tenant of Klang Parade are eligible to redeem one (1) unit of Micro Thermo.
(b) RM80 and above (over a maximum of 2 receipts at any F&B tenant of Klang Parade are eligible to redeem one (1) unit of Micro Thermo and one (1) lucky draw.

Check out the Lucky Draw Prizes:

Grand Prize x 1
Electromagnetic Foot Massager worth RM1,999.

Second Prize x1
OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus
-XD Tech Massage Cushion worth RM1,198.

Consolation Prizes x 10
SSF cash vouchers worth RM50 each

It's to time jom makan at Klang Parade, lets go with friends and family members. You never know you might be the lucky winner of the lucky draw! If you win it can be a nice gift for yourself or loved ones. I know shoppers would like to win this foot massager to relax our tired foot, especially when you have a long day at work.

With Internet access today, it's easy for us to check online for updates. You can follow Klang Parade updates on Facebook.


Monday, March 6, 2017

PABLO Cheesetart: Strawberry-lovers

PABLOmySpecial for Strawberry-lovers
 Good news to all my friends who love to eat strawberries. This month of March, PABLO Cheesetart Malaysia has got all about Strawberries. Yummylicious of Strawberries doesn't come in one but three.
  • Pablo Freshly Baked Strawberry Cheese Tart
  • Pablo Mini - Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry
  • Pablo Strawberry Frute
Grace on the top and right Kathy enjoying a piece of Pablo Freshly Baked Strawberry Cheese Tart
 It's happening this month March to April, this tempting seasonal product only until 30 April 2017 let's find out what it is. With limited amount quantity and period of this flavor. Pablo Freshly Baked Strawberry Cheese Tart a refreshing pinkish light coloured cheese tart with the combination of their light fluffy inner texture with the gorgeous scent of strawberry and tangy strawberry sauce that brings you the joy of sweetness and happiness. No kidding just looks at above photos where Grace and Kathy happily having the slice of Pablo Freshly Baked Strawberry Cheese Tart. 

It taste so good, you can also can put in freezer and overnight it for ice cream cheese Strawberry. No kidding this is what I do, I brought home and put in freezer and next day cut it into 8 pieces. We enjoyed it at every bite. My son told me I owed him a birthday cake, this yummylicious Pablo Freshly Baked Strawberry Cheese Tart transformed into ice cream cake overnight he loves it. You can view the instavideo of cutting the it, click on the link to view it.

ice cream cheese tart Strawberry
Pablo Strawberry Frute
 Strawberry Frute is a must have if you like to strawberries. It's a refreshing sweet sourish taste of strawberry which added in their menu on 14 March 2017 until 30 June 2017. Enjoy this creamy strawberry smoothie infused with generously with strawberry filling. I loving it so much that I can have not just one but two of it. Besides, it's appetising taste from strawberry and fresh cream cheese brings out the freshness of zesty taste!
Pablo Mini - Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry

 Pablo Mini - Roasted Marshmallow Strawberry was introduce on 1st March 2017, it will continue up to 14 April 2017 as a seasonal product. On top of the cheese tart has the sprinkle of pistascho ribs to enhance the entire texture and aroma. It's yummy with their original Pablo Mini, cheesy warm soft filling inside topped with a glaze of strawberry sauce on surface.

I have snapped more photos on my Facebook Page, click on it to view. Please follow me on social media too instagram/twitter @sherrygo, Thank you.

Don't just read here, you can also follow the updates and promotions of Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia on Facebook, click on the link.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS' Hot Fiery Feast is here

It's November month, few days back it was my birthday.
Now about Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) has switches things up with a spicy and fiery twist in their latest recipe, the Hot Fiery Feast!

The new recipe comes with a Country-style Chicken Soup and Sesame Penne Pasta. 

The mouthwatering Hot Fiery Feast will be made available in 3 meal options; the Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal, Spicy Chicken & Pasta Lite Meal and Sesame Penne Pasta Meal from RM17.90* onwards.

Lately I love to try out spicy food, I tried the Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal refer to the first photo below. For your information the mouthwatering Hot Fiery Feast will be made available in 3 meal options; the Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal, Spicy Chicken & Pasta Lite Meal and Sesame Penne Pasta Meal from RM17.90* onwards.

Check out the below for the price of the main meals
Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal @RM23.50

1. Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal @RM23.50
* Spicy Chicken + Sesame Penne Pasta + Country-style Chicken Soup

I like this as I find it is nice combination of everything in it. 

Spicy Chicken and Penne Paste Lite Meal
2. Spicy Chicken & Pasta Lite Meal @RM17.90
* Spicy Chicken + Sesame Penne Pasta

3. Sesame Penne Pasta Meal @RM20.90

Packed with nutrition, the Hot Fiery Feast meal is a healthy and calorie-friendly meal. 
 (From left): Marketing Manager of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd, Ms Christina Thong presenting the new Hot Fiery Feast alongside two KRR team members.

The introduction of this new taste will give a kick to spicy food lovers.
In this new recipe, they have their unique and hot BBQ sauce to blend with their nutritious chicken.
Country-style Chicken Soup and Sesame Penne Pasta to go with the meal as both has great amount of vitamins and minerals.

I love this new Sesame Penne Pasta, it has a rich flavour which makes it a perfect blend in the meal.

If you love to bring home some home made muffins, check out the photo above. Now they comes with a nice eco-friendly pack that you can use it as gift for loved one. 
 KRR will be having a special promotion for their Kenny's Home Made Muffins for the festive Christmas season!
You can choose to indulge in the hot feast with an a la carte Spicy Chicken or Sesame Penne Pasta on its own! In addition to the variety of selection offered, you can enjoy the Hot Fiery Feast with the following preference:

a) Add on RM 1.99** for Kenny’s Home-made Muffin or any side dish each with the purchase of the promotion meal (Maximum of 3 add-ons per meal only)

*All prices vary at Genting Highlands, KLIA 2, Little Red Cube and Langkawi Jetty Point.
**This term will entitle guests for a scoop of side dish

à la Carte:
1. Spicy Chicken à la carte @ RM13.90
2. Sesame Penne pasta side dish à la carte @ RM 8.90

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, kindly contact 03 - 2119 9888.
You can also visit or

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Din Tai Fung new dishes and new tea time dessert sets

This is a non halal food post.
Let's find out about the Din Tai Fung Story
Din Tai Fung was originally founded as a cooking oil retail shop in 1958.
Din Tai Fung was transformed to a restaurant in 1972 serving
Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Dumpling).

Each XIao Long Bao is delicately hand pleated with 18 exquisite folds and prepared fresh using only the finest ingredients. 
Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Dumpling) in bamboo trays
This is my favourite Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Dumpling) of all time, always eat this with ginger, vinegar and soy sauce. I never failed to order this whenever I am there to dine with my family.

Now how about some refreshing drinks that you can have during your dining in Din Tai Fung.
On the day I dine at Din Tai Fung at 1 Utama, Lot G343a, Ground Floor. 

From left is Roselle Drink, on the right is Lemongrass with Lime Juice Drink.
I love the Lemongrass with Lime Juice Drink, it's refreshing for me. I usually prefer cold drink than hot drink as everyone has different lifestyle. Some people prefer cold drinks, some prefer hot drinks. How about you?

If you love have hot drink instead why not take up the Ginseng Tea with Red Dates.

The beverage that you can have and find out below on the new dishes awaiting you to try.
Stir Fried Garlic Shoot with Minced Pork
You don't want to miss out this yummy healthy Stir Fried Garlic Shoot with Minced Pork. 
Price at RM25.10
This is yummy dishes, you can never eat without rice. 
Stir-fried Cloud Ear Mushroom with Garlic RM22.80
If you didn't like to eat meat, there's Stir-fried Cloud Ear Mushroom with Garlic, it's simple and healthy for meal at each bite for everyone to eat. 

Vegetables and diced beancurd fried rice
Malaysians who are in hurry for a quick lunch, why not try the vegetables and diced beancurd fried rice at RM17.50.

Noodle with Fresh Mushrooms & Tofu RM15.50
Some people likes to eat noodle, you'll love to try this Noodle with Fresh Mushroom & Tofu. 

How about Tea-Time Dessert?
It's Monday to Friday Only 3pm to 6pm (Except Public Holiday)

Who loves to eat buns? You'll like to try out these delicious buns. 
Here are some buns to show you, I am sure you'll like to try them all. 

Famous Food Blogger Sidney Kan is holding the Mini Golden Custard Egg Bun
With Famous Food Blogger Sidney Kan, he's showing us the correct way to eat bun.
This delicious Mini Golden Custard Egg Bun is delicious and juicy egg inside.

Closed up shot on this Mini Golden Custard Egg Bun
This is my favourite Mini Golden Custard Egg Bun, I had never anything with custard egg this good before! I am mean to say this is real good, you got to try it yourself!
The Mini Golden Custard Egg Bun RM3 (1 pc)
RM8.50 (3 pcs)

Blogger Bowie with the Mini Yam Bun
It is up to you whether you like to eat the bun using your hands or chopstick. 
We have the buns cut because we want to have a sharing session.
Don't worry as you will not these cut buns in your bamboo tray.

Vegetarian Mushroom Bun

Pork Bun
If you like eat pork, try this pork bun. 

Mini Sesame Pao
It is up to you whether you want to have a heavy or light tea-time dessert. They have the menu for you to choose.
Vegetarian Pau

Mini Red Bean Bun
Can't have enough of bun, don't forget to try the Mini Red Bean Bun.

There's also new Xiao Long Pao with Chocolate Filling, I like this as I don't find it too sweet. 

Xiao Long Pao with Chocolate Filling

Dessert time you can get to choose variety of desserts.

Steamed thousand layer cake
Sesame Rice Ball with Peanut

Boiled papaya with snow fungus
Desserts time, you can choose to have boiled papaya with snow fungus or chilled mango pudding.
You can choose both as well if you love having both for desserts, nothing wrong with that.
Chilled Mango Pudding

For your information Din Tai Fung headquatered is in Taiwan, Din Tai Fung now has more than 100 branches in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and United States. Din Tai Fung is inviting world to this exquisite cuisine from Taiwan.

If you love to dine at Din Tai Fung, good news for you.
Din Tai Fung opening in Penang Store at Gurney Plaza in December 2015.

Branches of Din Tai Fung in Malaysia available in
Pavillion KL
The Gardens Mall
Empire Shopping Gallery (Subang)
1 Utama

For more information, you can visit


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