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Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie: The Bride*Taiwanese Ghost Marriage Film

We got scared in the movie, if you love horror movie, you'll like to watch this
Last night I have a movie date with my dear, we watched this movie The Bride. Scary movie indeed as we get scared a few times in the movie.

Moral of the story is never pick up any RED Packet (Red Ang Pao) on the roadside or outside or in the jungle or park or garden.

Taiwanese Ghost Marriage Film "The Bride" Produced By The Japanese Master Of Horror
With the start of Chinese Ghost month in August, Taiwan has recently released a horror film The Bride, themed with a Taiwanese mysterious custom: ghost marriage. The film is produced by Japanese horror master Takashige Ichise who created a phenomena of horror cinema throughout Asia, including Ringu, Ju-on: The Grudge and other more.

Helmed by the first-time director Lingo Hsieh and starring Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh, The Bride has been praised as the most terrifying horror film in recent times, successfully combining Taiwanese folk custom and Japanese horror elements.

Producer Takashige Ichise was behind the 1998 film Ring, which created a Sadako phenomenon throughout Asia. On collaborating with a Taiwanese director to make a Taiwanese horror film, Takashige Ichise explained that to make a Taiwanese horror film stand out, local customs must be incorporated. Director Lingo Hsieh said that Takashige Ichise was very strict, starting by telling her to “shoot her own story,” and her first draft of the screenplay was rejected for not being scary at all.
Chris Wu Kang-ren on acting in his first horror film stated that the horror film that impressed him the most was Ring. Working on The Bride introduced him to the professionalism and discipline of producer Takashige Ichise. Nikki Hsieh commented that the film is Taiwan’s most original horror film yet. In addition to scary scenes, there are also intimate scenes with Wu Kang-ren and Nikki Hsieh in the film. Wu Kang-ren said shyly that although they are close, acting in intimate scenes still made him self-conscious. Nikki Hsieh, on the other hand, said that even her husband is comfortable with her working with Wu Kang-ren.

The director revealed ghost encounters during filming
When asked by host about paranormal phenomenon during the test screening, director Lingo Hsieh stated that a friend of hers saw “extras” that were not supposed to be on screen in a scene where Wu Kang-ren’s character goes to an old house alone. The director also said that when The Bride was in post-production in Japan, there was a paranormal phenomenon in which as the crew stayed in an old inn, one of her colleagues who could not speak Japanese was possessed during sleep and started talking in fluent Japanese, which scared her so much that she could not fall asleep.

Chie Tanaka stated that she believed The Bride will become a Taiwanese horror classic. She also had a breakthrough in style in the film.

Released by MM2 Entertainment, ‘The Bride’ will be screening in Malaysia this Nov 12.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Movie Review: Sinister 2 *not for weak heart*

Spoiler alert!

So fast it has been two years since I last watch Sinister, last night I watch Sinister 2 with my dear. 
The movie not suitable for children to watch, it's for 18 above only.

A mom who wants to protect her twins boys aged 9 years old Dylan and Zach. She and her boys stay's at a farm house home where she knew bad things had happened. Dylan can see many things but he's not telling his mom about it. He's been hiding his feeling towards her. Dylan was force to view documents of families murder. 

My dear and I got scare a few times while watching the movie. I believe not just us even the crowd in the cinema hall too.

Is the family of twins and their mom going to escape from being killed? Dylan and Zach's dad wanted the children back, he was abusive dad and Dylan is very scare of him. Zach is a big bully, he's always bully Dylan. 

In this movie you'll be seeing many ghosts child and shadows. 
After Sinister, now Sinister 2, the spooky man in the movie has never spook a word until now.
If you don't like to see blood, you'll not like this movie.
They are many rats and crocodile in the movie too. 
Also related to fishing trip, kitchen renovation, and many more.

Not going to spoil your mood to watch the movie, go ahead find out yourself. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil

Are you excited that this movie Deliver Us From Evil coming to cinema soon. I have a movie date with my dear, he's the one I watched Sinister with. Sinister movie was 2 years ago? I checked the review on my blog post, wow..time fly. This time I have movie date with my classmate. She says she still okay to watch the horror movie before the Chinese Ghost Festival starts.

I watched the trailer of this movie Deliver Us From Evil, sounds scary and creepy. I am not sure if it would scare me in the cinema.

Mmm.. I trying to watch the play back of Raja Teh Tarik on TV but sad to see it's not available at all.


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