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Monday, April 13, 2020

Lessons Learned in Play

Allowing little ones to have fun is so important to their educational development. It not only enhances their own skills, but it can also foster a love for learning; thus, during the younger years, it's important to not only spend time working on understanding the alphabet and numerals, but also some of the classic childhood activities. Doing both can benefit your child's vpk tampa experience. Here are three activities that can boost your mental growth.


There are many benefits in putting together a puzzle, especially for kids. Their eyes are still developing, learning to recognize shapes and forms. These fun boxes of pieces encourage them to pay attention to details, learning the differences and nuances of images. That's useful in reading and math as kids must start to recognize the structure of letters and numbers. In addition, activities such as these demand patience and critical thinking.

Coloring and Cutting

It's okay to explore a huge box of crafts. The imagination goes wild, and kids begin to explore their own minds. In addition, having to handle the small pieces allows them to work on their fine motor skills. Holding a crayon and drawing fun characters is simply an extension of an early writing lesson. Holding a pencil really is an important skill. Those that learn the wrong way may place too much pressure, building frustration with writing assignments down the road.


The auditory system continues to grow even during these years. It's adapting to hearing small differences. In fact, even some letters are hard to hear until someone is older. Songs, though, work with introducing higher-level skills, making it simpler to remember and comprehend. The kiddos become more familiar with rhyme, increase vocabulary and become familiar with a study technique. They may not realize it, but by you playing ABC songs in the car, you're actually increasing their focus on knowledge and making it seem interesting.
If you need a few things to do at home, don't think flashcards are the only option. While useful, some of those entertaining tasks are just as useful.


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