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Saturday, September 8, 2018

3 Ways to Socialize a Child Outside of the Home

For many families, a toddler's social skills develop naturally through attending daycare and through socializing with siblings. However, this is not the case for every family. In single-child homes where a parent is responsible for their care at all times, children need a different way to build social skills. This can be a challenge for stay-at-home mothers and fathers, especially if they don't have friends with children of a similar age.

Attending Mommy & Me Events

Mommy & me events are very popular among stay at home mothers. These events range from dance and Yoga classes to fun trips and workshops. While the focus is on involving children in positive, healthy activities with their parents, it also gives toddlers a chance to communicate with other children their age. There are also a wide variety of programs for stay at home fathers, too!

Enrolling in Preschool

Enrolling toddlers in preschool is a great way to prepare them for Kindergarten. Children must learn how to socialize and conduct themselves properly among other students before attending school so that they can focus on learning. A Redmond preschool will help to achieve positive behavioral interactions among toddlers, ensuring that each child learns how to have fun, make friends, and learn exciting new things.

Regular Trips to the Park

The local park is a wonderful place for parents and toddlers to make new friends. As the children meet one another and play, parents can begin to identify their toddlers' strongest relationships. The friends' parents can then be met, opening the opportunity for other play dates in the future. The park is a healthy place to get daily exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and soak up the sunshine, as well!
As children approach schooling age, it becomes vital that they learn how to correctly interact with their peers. Even when children don't have siblings or attend daycare, there are still many ways to offer socialization to them in a safe, healthy, and fun way.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seeing the World with Tiny Tots in Tow

There are few countries where traveling with children can prove to be an enjoyable and memorable trip, and Vietnam is one of them 

Traveling with young children may not be easy, but it certainly does not have to be intimidating. One of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has no shortage of sights and activities that will entertain even the most discerning of travellers, including the young ones.

Apart from the vibrant cities of Ho Chi Minh (south) and Hanoi (north), which are great starting points for any Vietnamese family adventure, there are several other destinations that could make your holiday an extremely memorable one.

Families can head to one of Vietnam’s beach resorts in Hoi An or Danang, which have plenty to offer in terms of beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and lots of fun activities for children. Some of the best beach resorts in the country are located in Danang, although the Cua Dai beach close to Hoi An is also a popular vacation spot. There are also plenty of other beaches in Vietnam’s central and south coasts worth exploring.

Hoi An also offers some unique sightseeing opportunities. Centuries-old Buddhist pagodas, temples, quaint museums and colonial shophouses line the streets of this ancient town. One of
the best ways for you to soak in the rich culture and heritage as a family is by cycling through the streets of Hoi An.

For the more adventurous families, there are spectacular mountains and jungle treks from the peaceful hill station of Dalat in the south, to the beguiling valley of Sa Pa in the northern highlands. The mountainous countryside of Sa Pa – close to the border with Yunan province in China – offers charming trekking trails for some amazing hikes; rice terraces and waterfalls; and is home to several ethnic minority tribes.
Cap off the Vietnamese holiday in the modern and bustling metropolitan of Ho Chi Minh City. Among the not-to-be-missed attractions is the Suoi Tien Cultural Amusement Park in District 1. The Buddhist-themed attraction is fitted with colourful statues of mythical creatures as well as edifices and shrines of Buddha amidst waterslides, rollercoaster rides, a 4D theatre and aquarium!
(Image source:
Of course, as in any foreign city, a sampling of local street food and visit to the local markets are a must. Kids generally enjoy Vietnamese cuisine as they are flavourful and rarely spicy. From a warm bowl of traditional Vietnamese pho (noodle soup) and banh mi (Vietnamese sandwish) to steamed Banh bao (steamed pork buns) and Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepe), there are plenty of kid-friendly foods in Vietnam.

Browse along the family-run shops and stalls lining the sidewalks of the city, for a truly authentic experience. Alternatively, visiting the Ben Thanh Market will also give you a taste of the energy and flavor of Ho Chi Minh to complete your memorable holiday experience.

With the school holidays coming up in June and August, planning your next family holiday is now made easier as Vietjet, the fast-growing Vietnamese airline, is currently offering irresistible promotions on its domestic and international network as part of its summer 2018 promotion.

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The promotional air tickets are available for booking at
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Helpful Tips for Moving Long Distances

Most people would agree that it is a lot easier to move from just one side of the city to the other. If you forget something, all you have to do is turn around. You can clean the new house, move everything in, and then go back and clean the other house. Long-distance moving can be a little bit more challenging. The following tips can help.

Many have found that hiring professionals is definitely the way to go when it comes to moving from one state to another or across the country. If a person lives on the East Coast, they could hire long distance movers NJ to help them move to the West Coast. When this happens, the movers are going to do the bulk of the work. They will be the ones responsible for making sure that your possessions are packed, well taken care of, moved, and then unpacked. They carry insurance, so if something happens along the way, you do not have to worry.

Organization is key when it comes to moving to a different city. You want to plan ahead so that you can stay organized during the entire process. It is a good idea to make to do list and to mark boxes so that you know what is inside. Take some time to think about the best plan as far as how to pack, when to get a moving truck, when to start the journey, and other the decisions that need to be made. If you look at the pros and cons of each option, you are setting yourself up for the best move possible.

If you have children, you want to pay special attention to their needs to as the move is going on. There are a lot of things that you can do to reassure your children so that they are happy and excited as the move progresses. Parents do not need the stress of unhappy or stressed-out children in addition to the stress that usually accompanies a move. If parents assure their children and plan ahead, they can make sure that their children are confident.

Monday, December 19, 2016


The LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort Police costume character joining the kids in the ward in a sing and dance activity.
 LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and LEGO® Malaysia teamed up to bring its awesome brand of fun and play to children in the pediatric ward in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor. The kids of the palliative care unit at the pediatric ward – a special unit for kids suffering from serious illnesses – were treated to awesome, fun-filled LEGO® activities that were meant to stimulate their imaginations through play. These kids, who are not allowed to go home during the holiday seasons, received the ultimate holiday treat, as they were treated to building and colouring activities, singing and dancing performances and a special appearance by LEGO® Police costume character. 

Starting the visit with the LEGO® building activity, the children were challenged to a speed building activity where they were all given a LEGO® Christmas Set. The first five kids whom completed the activity won LEGO® sets and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort merchandise. Following the building activity, the children got to express their imagination through the colouring activity. Aside from the building and colouring activities, the children had fun decorating their very own jelly based on their creativity using healthy fruits. Both LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and LEGO® Malaysia worked hand-in-hand to sponsor various LEGO® sets and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort merchandise for the kids’ play area for them to continue building their imagination. The day was ended with various goodies, sponsored by LEGO® Malaysia and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, were handed to all the children to enjoy.

Casper Bonavent, Director of Operations, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (left) sharing a light moment with a young boy in the ward while gifting him a LEGO® gift set.
  “At LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, we believe deeply that every kid deserves the right to play, and grow through play. This holiday season we wanted the children to have a great time and fully explore their imaginations through play even though they are unable to spend the holidays at home. We wanted them to forget their illness and just be kids once again, with no worries about treatment and pain. We felt compelled to bring the fun to them,” said Young Pil-Kim, General Manager (Interim) at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

“We’re proud to have done this with like-minded partners in LEGO® Malaysia. Some say there is kind of a healing quality in laughter. Beyond the smiles and laughter that the kids experienced here today, it is our sincere hope that the awesome fun and games today brings them closer to their family and their imaginations. They could not visit us in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort so we brought LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort to them. It is after all the Merlin Magic Wand’s spirit,” Young concluded.

 More photos can be seen at my Facebook Fan page album, click on the link to view.
Dr. Mahendra Raj, Director of Health and Safety, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (4th from right) and Casper Bonavent, Director of Operations, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (5th from right) capturing a moment with the Model Citizens and 30 kids from the pediatric ward of Hospital Sultan Ismail.


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