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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taipan USJ folks please be aware

I am reposting this as I saw this in Facebook shared by friends. Find out what happen to this mother. She was holding her baby daughter in other hand.

Yesterday, 23rd of April, around 7.15pm, my wife brought my daughter out to get some books for my daughter in taipan , after she came out from bigbook shop, as she's walking towards her car, she was stopped by one guy.
This guy place a knife on her neck, asking her "jangan jerit"
This guy then came in front of her and asking her to give him the handphone that my wife is holding..
Because she's ca...
rrying my daughter in her arms, she didn't fight back nor run, she handed the phone to him immediately.
Few seconds later, this guy told my wife to hand over my daughter to him, my wife instantly hold my daughter as close as possible to her chest and bend away from the guy,
With the knife in his hand, he slashed my wife on her arms trying to hurt her and snatch my daughter.
Someone saw the assault and shouted from afar, that's when the guy flee the scene with only her handphone with him.
My wife suffered a few wounds around her arms and neck, 8 stitches in total and thank god she's fine now and also my baby daughter. My baby is unharmed.

Guys, please be extra careful when you have kids with you, be extra vigilant, this society is getting worse...

Share this out to your love ones, at least to remind them.. To always stay sharp, stay focus..

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free Neutrogena with purchase InTrend Magazine

Yesterday I spotted this freebie in The Borders in The Gardens, yeah RM7.50 for InTrend Magazine it comes with this full size Neutrogena skin care product.

I would suggest you to go cashier counter to ask first if the freebie available before you purchase. :D

Okay got to stop now, I need to watch my toddler.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Borders Bookstore

Thanks to Simon, I got to know where is the Borders Bookstore.

There are 2 stores in KL and 1 store in Selangor.

- Berjaya Times Square
- Gardens, Mid Valley

- The Curve

I will be waiting for the vouchers.


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