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Monday, November 25, 2013


Have you done your Christmas shopping?
Check out Faerie Dreams in Sunway Pyramid.
I got the chance to snap picture with Leo, and Santa Claus.

Photos taken using my Samsung 3.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Saturday fun@TGV Beanieplex Birthday Bash with Tammy

How did you spend your last weekend? I have a blast one with my son at TGV Beanieplex Birthday Bash with Tammy. I am one of the 19 winners to win a pair of movie pass to watch Man of Steel. I have been following Tamm's blog it is Plus Size Kitten Beauty Blogger for many years.

It is mother and son day out, yeah just the two of us, we are excited and he puts on his Superman's shirt and red cape! I handmade the red cape of my own few days before the big day. Yes the big day to watch Man of Steel. It is our first time to join movie party and we love it. Son's can't wait to get start with the TGV free popcorn and Pepsi. Look how comfortable he is sitting in the beanie seat.

The theme for this party is wearing blue and red, we can never left out the red cape! Yeah with my red cape on, and son's with Superman shirt and red cape. We won Second Prize in Best Dress, three winners of Best Dress was chosen on the day!

Pictures are taken using my Samsung S3. I am happy to see my son's enjoy the movie and he loves the cake and muffin.

I am sure nobody can miss out the handmade Strawberry lips scrub made by Tammy, look below picture for the pink bottles! There's more than just Strawberry lips scrub, look there are jelly bean.  

After the movie, there is group photo taken and cutting cake by Tammy for Plusizekitten Super Birthday, yes her blog is 5 years old!

My son's so happy, he slept in the car while heading home. Thank you Tammy for the great event of the day!

For details of where you can find TGV Beanieplex, you can check out the facebook of TGVCinemas.

You can also join Beauty Bloggers Malaysia (Butterfly Project), to find out future events and updates on beauty products.


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