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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Toppen Shopping Centre at Johor Bahru

IKEA Southeast Asia marked the grand opening of Toppen Shopping Centre with a sneak preview of what is in-store for Johoreans and beyond, as it sets itself to become the new community hub of Tebrau.

From 13th November until 24th November 2019, Toppen Shopping Centre welcomes everyone to enjoy fun-filled and family-friendly activities such as art workshops, yoga for kids, face painting, and family Zumba. Local skateboard, parkour and dance groups will be running workshops and competitions as well. Visitors can also look forward to game booths, food stalls, fashion corners, and many more previews to what Toppen have in the pipeline for the months to come.

Shoppers awaiting to enter Toppen Shopping Centre

The #JelesEk Festival
Inspired by the #JelesEk opening campaign that is a homage to iconic Johorean traits, a key highlight of the festival is a live performance of the #JelesEk anthem on the 16th November 2019. This will be performed by Johorean stars, Joe Flizzow and Joyce Chu who created a special music video for Toppen. The song is also central to Toppen’s #JelesEk TikTok challenge. In the first collaboration between a shopping centre and the leading destination for short-form mobile video, Toppen invites the public to dance and lip-sync to its song. Participants will stand chance to win RM10,000 worth of prizes. As part of the partnership with TikTok, visitors can enjoy TikTok-able spots through the shopping centre, which will also host the annual TikTok Creators Day on 17th November 2019, gathering 80 of the platform’s top influencers across Malaysia and Singapore, to create fun and creative content around Toppen. Also, on the 13th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th November 2019, visitors are encouraged to participate in a treasure hunt organised by TikTok.

The Topp
The centre’s crown jewel rooftop known as The Topp plays a key role in hosting the festival. Designed specifically for the diverse community, there is something for every visitor. For thrill-seekers, the youth active zone features a skate park, parkour zone, and wall climbing area, while those who are looking to go on a gastronomical journey can enjoy a variety of local and international food from the alfresco eateries. The interactive outdoor space also includes a multi-purpose court, an event piazza, a rooftop garden, kids’ water-play area, the region’s first permanent outdoor cinema, and an e-sports arena for a great day out with friends and family.

Toppen’s crown jewel rooftop known as The Topp includes multi-purpose court, an event piazza, a rooftop garden, kids’ water-play area, alfresco eateries and the region’s first permanent outdoor cinema

“When we had the vision to create Toppen, we knew that it cannot be just another shopping centre. We wanted to create a meeting place that can contribute positively to the surrounding neighbourhood”, said Christian Roejkjaer, Managing Director of IKEA Southeast Asia.

He further added, “We built Toppen with the community’s interest in mind. Together with the help of local authorities and groups, we have all put a conscious effort in celebrating what makes Johor unique. We are proud to house both local and international brands, while creating a hub where home-grown Johorean talents and communities can come together to share and create.”

Community-Friendly Facilities
Anchored by IKEA Tebrau, the 1.25 million square-feet shopping centre offers four levels of ‘retailtainment’ experiences. With 300 shops ranging from household names like Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G.) and TGV Cinemas, 80% of Toppen’s offerings are new-to-Johor brands such as The Pantheon, 9 to 9, and Concept Haus. Toppen will operate alongside 90% of its tenants opening on the same day.

The new lifestyle hub is easy to reach with accessibility to major roads, public transportation, and ample parking with over 4,600 spaces across two levels. Toppen was also inspired by its Scandinavian roots, featuring spacious and clean designs with lots of natural light, and greeneries, making it an enjoyable place to spend any day.

Joakim Hogsander, General Manager of Toppen Shopping Centre explained, “With a name like Toppen which means ‘great’ in Swedish, we strive to exceed expectations at every turn. Besides understanding the needs of the people, we also acknowledge that every customers’ journey is unique to their own. Therefore, we look at offering appropriate, concise and customized offline and online services to make each shopper’s experience more personal and positive.”

Toppen Shopping Centre is the third anchored-by-IKEA shopping centre in Malaysia and the fourth in Southeast Asia. Following the success of other IKEA Stores and shopping centres in the region, Toppen is set to be the prime meeting place that creates a better everyday life for the many people. It is projected to attract more than 15 million residents and tourists by the year 2020.

Toppen Shopping Centre is a 1.25 million square foot meeting place anchored by the only IKEA store outside of the Klang Valley. The rooftop, known as The Topp, is home to the first-of-its kind community hub with everything from skateboarding and rock-climbing to alfresco dining and cinema. The centre is one among the portfolio of centres owned by IKEA Southeast Asia. Together with IKEA Tebrau, Toppen delivers a fun day out for the many people of Southern Malaysia and beyond.

About IKEA Southeast Asia

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cruise with The Black Pearl - FCMS

 Here's my second post to share with you, after I blog about the time.together at Puteri Harbour officially launched. We spotted this beautiful rainbow from the Jen Hotel Puteri Harbour.
back of me is The Black Pearl - FCMS
It's surprice in the evening where media/bloggers invited by GO Communications to on board The Black Pearl - FCMS. We are the first session to take the 1.5 hours ride, before board the Black Pearl. Captain Michael Jones brief everyone about the safety procedure. 

Captain Michael Jones explaining of how to use the safety jacket

The Black Pearl, A 45ft cruiser boat that is owned by Captain Jones. Thinking of the black pearl, it reminds of me of the famous movie I have watched The Pirates of the Caribbean. He is a passionate boat owner as he likes sharing his experience of leisure with the world.

Refreshment in the cruise, bread, fruits, snacks, and drinks.

There's one room in the cruise, you can view my instagram @sherrygo for the video.
The Black Pearl - FCMS is like a home, you can find there's kitchen, a fridge, air-con, a restroom, a bedroom. 
selfie time with Mandy blogger, photo credit to Mandy

fishing on board? Why not? 
 Anyone interested to go for the fishing cruise? You can look for The Black Pearl - FCMS
photo credit to Mandy
 How I spend my time in the lower deck? I have meal time with Mandy and Miera, refreshment is served we just need to help ourselves with that.
 Everyone enjoying themselves on board The Black Pearl - FCMS, though there was rain but it didn't bother us. We have the upper deck covered, we didn't get wet by the rain.
 Captain of The Black Pearl - FCMS is friendly and he is willing to explain answer questions that everyone is curious about.

We are given the chance to hands on the wheel of The Black Pearl - FCMS.

 We were told that the upper deck cannot have everyone on board so we took turn to go upper deck.
photo credit to The Black Pearl - FCMS
 Photos were taken in the evening, it was still raining but it didn't stop any of us from enjoying ourselves. Group photo above is taken at upper deck of The Black Pearl - FCMS with Captain, can you spot me? Group photo below is taken at the lower deck.
photo credit to The Black Pearl - FCMS
We enjoy the cruise around the vicinity of Pearl Harbour. It's a wonderful experience I have through out the cruise.

If you like to know more about The Black Pearl- FCMS, please visit

Monday, November 2, 2015


Last month I blogged about the Journey to Hello Kitty in Oz begins, have you read about it? If not you can still click on the link above to read. 
Last Friday, I was at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town located strategically in Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya Johor. I was with other media blogger from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. 

Which hat looks good on me? The Witch Hat or Wizard of Oz Hat
My attired for the night, being a Witch as try to be one of the characters in Wizard of Oz. 
I am wearing my plus size purple dresses that I bought online. 
Welcome speech byFahruddin Najumudeen, General Manager of SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN and The Little Big Club.
Hello Kitty in Oz is finally here at SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic that has brought joy and magic to countless lives and to have it adapted to Hello Kitty is truly something to celebrate. This will be a permanent addition to SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN, and this will be an experience that will excite children and adults alike as this is the only Hello Kitty in Oz attraction in the world.

There's dancing performance in the evening and everyone's enjoying themselves.
Hello Kitty in Oz: The Lost Chapter takes place after Dorothy defeats the Wicked Witch and returns home. There have been widespread rumours that the Land of Oz is ending and Hello Kitty the Great Witch is very worried. In a decision made with a heavy heart, she removes a chapter from the Great Book of Oz hoping to alter the ending. However, her actions proved to be detrimental as the Emerald City Machine malfunctions and Oz is plunged into chaos. To help her on her quest to save Oz, she calls on her brave heroes to band together to save Oz.

Hello Kitty with Fahruddin

Hello Kitty in Oz is SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN's latest attraction in Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya. It's fun thrill day for everyone because we love Hello Kitty, can't wait to walk through attraction and transport self to Oz itself.

Everyone gets to know where Hello Kitty takes on the mantle of The Great Witch of Oz.
Do you know that SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN is the first SANRIO HELLO KITY TOWN themed attraction the world outside of Japan?
When we enter the Hello Kitty In OZ, we are given each Hello Kitty merchandise in hand. This merchandise need to give back after usage as we need to go through the activities there.

Hello Kitty in Oz,entrance
Don't you just love the Hello Kitty in Oz entrance. Don't forget to snap a picture at the entrance.

The Munchkin Village
The dark forest
The activities are:
Kuromi's Tent
Just outside the Munchkin Village, you will come across Kuromi the Fortune Teller who offers to read your fate with her cards. But do not fall for her readings and pay close attention to the cards she deals. Your fate is in your own hands. 

Sob Sob.. I failed this one.

Wood Factory
The Great Witch calls on you to challenge your strength and determination.
This looks so easy but I failed this, there is no retake at all. So give your best shot! 
In his haste to answer the Great Witch's call, the Tin Man has abandoned his post. As a result of this, there's not enough wood to warm the hearts of Oz. 
How fast can you go chopping the wood? Well, you can to look at the screen to follow, you can't simply chop the wood you like. 

Corn House

How well can you control the wood fire? There is a row of corn ready and cooking on the open fire.
It's good time here for me as I passed this activity. I can take control of the heat, and make sure that the corn comes out tasty, bright, and golden. I bet nobody likes a burned corn.

Emerald City

Once you've travelled the length of Oz, you come to the getaway to the Emerald City.
Enter and be sure not to be distracted by the flying fishes. Remember, the fate of Oz still lies in your hands. Locate the Emerald City Machine and use it to capture the letters from the lost chapter in order to save Oz and return home!
Looks so easy but it was a tough one for me. 
It's a fun filled place for kids and grown up to be. Even bigger heart for those that love Hello Kitty like me. 
It's a lot fun for grown up and kids, don't worry if you failed some activities. After the scan, you'll get a postcard that shows the result of four activities you took part. I have two passed out of four activities done in Hello Kitty In Oz: The Lost Chapter. 
Oz World Alley
If you are interested to shop for limited edition Hello Kitty in Oz collectible merchandise, it is available in a dedicated Hello Kitty in Oz retail store called "Oz World Alley".

This is very cute card in the making and look Nannie is excited and wanna capture this sweetest moment. You can make this card, it's a nice gift for loved one. 

In addition to the Hello Kitty in Oz attraction, the parents and kids or grown up will also be able to enjoy various activities within SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN. There will be daily Hello Kitty Carnival parades happening as well as a sing-along session for the kids. Hello Kitty fans will rejoice as they will be able to meet and greet beloved Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty and Badtzmaru during their time at SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN. Everyone will be happy to visit the Hello Kitty’s life-sized house and craft special Hello Kitty themed souvenirs.

Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour,
79000 Nusajaya,
Johor Darul Takzim,

Operating House: Daily from 10am to 6pm
For more information on Hello Kitty in Oz, please visit SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN’s Facebook page ( or visit the official Instagram page

To purchase tickets please visit

Last Friday, we have overnight stay at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour. It is just 5 minutes walking from Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.
Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour, Johor has rebrands as Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour in April 2015. 
This is the tenth hotel to adopt the new Hotel Jen brand by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd. Catering to a new "Jeneration" of independently minded business and leisure travellers.

 The lobby of the hotel is located at Level 1. It is also same floor with the Harbour Cafe.
How you like the welcome Halloween decoration of the Harbour Cafe in The Jen Hotel Puteri Harbour?
This is where I have dinner, it's dinner buffet.

Are you feeling hungry now after looking at these food? 

Now how about check out my room.
Two singles bed for me because I have a room mate.
My room mate for the night Miera. 
Lovely bedroom and bathroom that I don't want to get out of it.
My room has a bath tub and standing shower. 
Some rooms does not have bath tub.
And of course a safe box that you can put your important documents inside, while you are out.

The SkyBar, Bar & Restaurant beside the infinity pool overlooks the harbour, providing a spectacular view of the Johor straits through to Singapore. I did a instagram video @sherrygo, do check it out. 
Behind me is a nice kids pool.

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor is located in the special economic zone of Iskandar Malaysia, at the Puteri Harbour waterfront in the Nusajaya Zone. 

It is surrounded by the Johor New State Administration Centre, the medical hub and University Park. The hotel is a 15 minute drive from the Malaysia - Singapore Second Link, one hour from Singapore Changi Airport and 35 minutes from Senai Airport.

School holiday is coming soon, if you are planning for vacation with family. 
You can consider of vacation in Malaysia.

If you like to know more information on this hotel do check out


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