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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sime Darby Diabetes Walk 2012

 On my birthday morning, it is our walk to Sime Darby Healthcare Diabetes Walk 2012. It is early morning I am first to wake up, well everyone still asleep. I registered my dear and sister-in-law for this walk, the walk is held at Sime Darby Subang Jaya. Look at the goodie bags I have got for us, it consists of some samples as you can see detail in below pictures. I walked alone to the registration counter at out patient center to collect the t-shirts. I have got ourselves XL size and my dear couldn't fit in. You can see I am wearing XL size shirt at below picture. They are some doctors from Sime Darby Healthcare that took part in this walk.

My sister-in-law and I went for the free blood sugar check, no doubt we have some sugar level! Mine is 6.4 and hers 6.8, we need to becareful on what we eat and drink. Exercise is important for us, my mom and grandmother have diabetes too.

After the walk there is lucky draw, well no luck for anyone of us. But we had good fun at the walk even though we didn't walk together. We are apart because we the only one with baby stroller! I don't see other having baby stroller and my dear needs to carry up and down the baby stroller on stairs.
We walked two rounds at the Subang Park, it is early morning and we saw some people fishing. I haven't been to the park for two years.

The goodie bags have got breakfast for us an apple, a bottle water and a packet of fried beehoon! This is our first time to join this healthy walk.


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