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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Putra LRT Subang Jaya to SOGO KL

It's Saturday, just coincidence that son does not have tuition so I tag him along to the Sogo KL for the DC Comics Super Heroes. It's our first time to go there, we took LRT, it cost RM4.10 for a pax, one way. When reach Masjid Jamek, we walk about 10 minutes to reach the mall we didn't know the way and I was looking at the Google Map too. The event starts time table 230pm to 430pm, we reached before 2pm and had lunch ourselves. The refreshment provided at event was cake, sweets and mineral water.

 The LRT Station if take from SS15 Subang jaya would takes 16 stations to reach Masjid Jamed. I didn't know that we can go to Bandaraya LRT. So next time can just from SS15 Subang Jaya to Putra Height then from there change train to Bandaraya. It is direct reach from there. So the journey I took with son was longer than usual I think.

Lots to see and shop at DC Comics Super Heroes but we didn't buy anything as we went there for the event. At Sogo, I find out that the Teh Tarik Place would only serve Roti Telur or Roti Kaya at 3 pm, which is consider hot plates at the menu.

It's a lot of walking on Saturday and when we back time is raining too. Lucky I have an umbrella for each of us. It was great outing with son as he didn't take LRT for a long time, as for youngest son not yet bring him as it's a long tiring journey. It's packed in LRT so don't think he will be feeling comfortable.

Many people heading to MATTA Fair too, well we didn't go as didn't play to purchase any package at the moments. Though we love to have a family vacation stay. Busy lifestyle and glad to spend a good day with my son as seldom we have a travel together by public transport. I thought of driving but then I am not good with the directions and I saw waze showed 40minutes to reach.

Not much choice of restaurants I see at the SOGO, KL so son and me had a quick lunch at McD.


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